Soror of the Year 2008

soty_2008Sandra first visited Nu Iota Omega in the summer of 2002 at our annual retreat. She affiliated with us in January 2003. Sandra is truly and ExtraSpecial Pearl.

Since Sandra’s affiliation with Nu Iota Omega, she has not allowed any grass to grow under her feet. In 2008, with the exception of the Alpha Chapter Centennial Celebration (which was not a Nu Iota Omega function) – she has either participated as a supporter or in the planning and execution of every function we’ve had.

Outside of Nu Iota Omega, she has participated in the South Atlantic Regional Conference, AKA Day at the Capitol, the Centennial Boule and the Cluster II Conference.

For the past two years she has chaired the AKA Connection Committee. It is quite obvious that her passion lies in mentoring of children and fighting for our rights as African Americans. Prior to its dissolution, Sandra was very active in our Ivy AKAdemy/Ivy Connection. She was a part of the team that coordinated the 1st and 2nd Annual Mother – Daughter Tea as well as help with the coordination of our girls participating in the Annual Tea sponsored by the Winter Park Community Center for the mothers and daughters of that community.

Sandra is not only an Extra Special Pearl, but she is also a well rounded Christian woman of the Catholic faith. Recently, she and her husband of 40 years have been appointed as Eucharist Ministers, whereby they assist the priests during Holy Communion, Baptisms and other evangelical functions of the church.

Sandra is a Silver Star with over 40 years of service to the sorority as well as a charter member of Mu Beta Omega Chapter in Los Angeles, California.

Sandra is very active in our chapter, the community and her church. She has shown leadership in various areas as mentioned previously. Because of her diligence and loyalty she is deserving of our highest honor of becoming Nu Iota Omega’s Greenest Ivy.