Soror of the Year 2002

soty_2002Adrienne Wright has been financially active with Nu Iota Omega since 2000. From the beginning as the conductor of her pledge line to the present Adrienne has been busy. Adrienne is gifted with the talent of computers and design. Since becoming a part of our sisterhood, she has designed programs, calendars, brochures, flyers, invitations, etc. (Basically anything that needs to be printed to advertise Nu Iota Omega).

Currently, Adrienne is very active on the membership and art committees. All committees in the chapter use her talents, and all members consistently ask for her assistance in the printing of their respective programs.

Adrienne is also active outside of Nu Iota Omega. She’s attended Cluster, Regional and Boule Conferences.

Adrienne participates actively with the Ivy AKAdemy (as her daughter is a member). Adrienne is active in her community as she coaches a soccer team for young girls.

Adrienne possesses a quiet strength. She’s a lot of fun, easy to be with. It is for the above reasons that she was chosen as Nu Iota Omega’s Greenest Ivy.