Robin Lynn Young Spirit Award Recipients

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Initiated in the Zeta Upsilon Undergraduate Chapter (USF), Dianna was nominated and accepted the office of President of the Undergraduate Chapter. Her talent enabled her to serve in that role until her graduation from USF with a BA in Communication.

After becoming a member of the Gamma Theta Omega Chapter, she continued her service on numerous committees including Budget/Finance, MTAT, Step Team, Nominating, and Technology. Prior to being elected as Chapter President, Dianna held several chapter offices including Financial Secretary, Assistant Treasurer and Treasurer. She is currently an Alpha Kappa Alpha Silver Star (25 year member) and Life Member. Dianna is also a Certified Graduate Advisor, Certified Financial Officer and serves on the South Atlantic Regional Program Committee. Also in Gamma Theta Omega Chapter, she is a member of the April Hostess Group, Capital Asset Program and Walk of Fame.

During Mrs. Quin’s spirited administration, Gamma Theta Omega Chapter grew its membership; provided leadership and mentoring to sorority members attending the University of Tampa and University of South Florida; and sponsored two youth groups, the Precious Pearls Youth Group and Emerging Young Leaders . All of this was done by fostering an environment of collaboration and building life-long sisterly relationships.

Over the past two years, the chapter partnered with local agencies such as Adonai’s Ministry, Metropolitan Ministries, American Cancer Society, The Spring, Sister’s Network, Inc. of Tampa Bay, Hillsborough Educational Foundation, Tampa Housing Authority, and Feeding America – Tampa Bay to promote community service and increase awareness of the needs of others. This fostered a win-win attitude for all of the organizations involved.

Under Mrs. Quin’s leadership, Gamma Theta Omega Chapter enhanced their community involvement by becoming the first African-American Greek-letter organization in Hillsborough County to form a partnership, via the Adopt – A –Precinct program with the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections, allowing chapter members to receive training and work in the polling precincts. Which furthered the initiative of the chapter’s CONNECTION Program.

Mrs. Quin’s chapter, Gamma Theta Omega of Tampa, Florida listed many, many more accolades for Soror Quin. It is because of her continued service to her community and her outstanding leadership that she was presented the Robin Lynn Young Spirit Award for 2012.
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November 12, 2011. This year’s recipient has been an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated since 1991. She is the current Emerging Young Leaders (EYL) Chairman.

Lisa Brody has served her chapter, Zeta Upsilon Omega as former Second Vice President, Parliamentarian, Co-Chair of the Debutante Committee, Chair of the By-Laws Committee, Ivy Leaf Reporter and numerous other committees including the 2006 Cluster II Conference, 2008 Regional Conference and served as Hodegos for the 2011 South Atlantic Regional Conference in Hollywood, Florida.

Lisa Brody’s Community Service, Service Awards and Professional Achievements are extensive. She is a true sister delivering service to all mankind.
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Soror Johnnie Mae Riley

This year’s Robin Lynn Young Spirit Award Recipient is a member of Iota Pi Omega in Brevard County, Florida.

Soror Johnnie Mae Riley taught in the Brevard county school system for more than 30 years and continues to work as a substitute teacher when needed. As a dedicated member of her church, she teaches adult Sunday School Class, sings in the choir and works with the Esther Circle Missionary Ministry, helping those within and outside her church. Each year during Black History Month she coaches and challenges the youth of her church with black history trivia.

Soror Riley has held numerous positions within the sorority: Basileus, Anti-Basileus, Epistoleus, Philacter, Historian, Hodegos and Parliamentarian. She was recently voted Soror of the Year for her untiring service to Iota Pi Omega Chapter. Her hard work, fundraising skills and willingness to always go far beyond the call of duty are greatly appreciated by her chapter members.

Soror Riley is very involved in her community. She currently holds membership in the Brevard County of The Links, Inc. and the American Cancer Society. Soror Riley was recently awarded the The Earl Gordon Award for outstanding service to the community by the Summit of Seven, a program that focuses on boys to enrich their lives. Soror Riley received this award for her superlative work, raising over $10,000.00 for the American Cancer Society and for working diligently with all Brevard County Youth.
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Soror Tiffany Moore Russell

November 14, 2009. Since her initiation into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority fifteen years ago, Soror Russell has been a devoted soror to not only her initiating chapter, Zeta Upsilon at the University of South Florida, but also to three other graduate chapters within the South Atlantic Region before becoming a charter member of Psi Theta Omega here in the Metropolitan Orlando area. Currently serving as the 2nd Anti-Basileus and Program Chairman with the Psi Theta Omega chapter, she has been the orchestrator of the Extremely Superior Program provided by the chapter throughout the local community.

Soror Russell’s admirable record of service to her community, her chapter and Alpha Kappa Alpha principles continues. She has consistently provided professional leadership, both in her dual role as a Commercial Real Estate Attorney and Orange County Commissioner, but also in her personal prowess as a calm and committed participant in the sometimes challenging process of navigating a successful chapter.

Her chapter’s reason for nominating her is, “her never failing spirit and enthusiasm for Alpha Kappa Alpha and our community”.

It is because of her accomplishments which represent all that an outstanding soror could ever achieve, which is respect, integrity and the reverence of the whole community that Nu Iota Omega selected Soror Tiffany Moore Russell as our 2009 Robin Lynn Young Award Recipient.
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Soror Daya I. Bates

November 15, 2008. This year’s recipient hails from Psi Theta Omega of Metro Orlando, Florida.

Soror Daya was initiated into Beta Alpha Chapter at Florida A&M University in 1994. She became Basileus of her undergraduate chapter. Soror Daya has worked continuously, consistently and enthusiastically for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She is humble and approachable. She has a knack for involving everyone and celebrating the fact that everyone has something to give.

Soror Daya loves to share her knowledge and expertise with others. She has presented numerous Sisterly Relations Workshops to various chapters. She was invited to present two Sisterly Relations Workshops at the Leadership Conference in New Orleans. Evidence of her leadership can be seen by her chapter’s support for her to run for the South Atlantic Regional Representative of the Nominating Committee. She was elected to serve as Philacter and Tamiouchos of her previous chapter and appointed as the Boule 2002 Steering Committee Souvenir Journal Chairman. She also served as the Anti-Grammateus of the 2008 South Atlantic Regional Conference held in Tampa, FL.

It is because of her dynamic personality, innovative leadership and her constant desire to be of service to others that Nu Iota Omega selected her as the 2008 Recipient of the Robin Lynn Young Award.
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Soror Dawn Titus

October 21, 2006. This year’s recipient is a soror who is truly a lover of children, her community and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and not necessarily in that order. She serves on several non-profit Board of Directors. On one such organization she has convinced 60 married couples in her community to join together to help raise funds. In another community organization where she also serves as a board member she was successful at raising over $25,000.00 to support their programs. She also serves on the “Have a Heart” committee which has raised over $500,000.00 for children who’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

In her chapter she has been active for about two (2) years. In 2005 she served as the Public Relations Chair of the Ebony Fashion Fair. She marketed the idea of a Pre-Show Gala. Guests could meet and greet the models prior to the fashion show and enjoy a limo ride from the gala to the show. The show was a sell-out with proceeds of $30,000.00. She is so good at what she does, that she chaired the committee again this year. The show again was a total success and sell-out.
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Nu Iota Omega’s Robin Lynn Young Spirit Award recipient is Soror Dawn Titus of Iota Pi Omega Chapter.


Soror Sonja W. Garcia

Soror Robin Lynn Young soared around this blessed planet from 1965-1999 . . . much too short a time. Because of Robin’s sweet spirit, her purposeful service to all mankind, the Nu Iota Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha chose to honor her by giving an award in her name at every Cluster II Conference since her demise.

This year’s recipient is no stranger to Cluster II. There is not enough space on this site to list all of her accomplishments. In her local chapter she established working and supportive relationships with residents of the public housing adjacent to their sorority property. On a national level she is a mentor and instructor of the Leadership Fellows Program from 2003-2005, She’s a member of the Centennial Commission Committee charged with planning our 100th anniversary for the sorority.

In her community she is a gubernatorial appointed member of the USF Board of Trustee, Member of the Winter Garden Foundation, charged with preservation of the heritage, architecture and culture of the communities of West Orange County. She is also a member of the Nominating Committee, Chair and Corresponding Secretary, Tampa Chapter of the Links, 2003.

Because of her sweet, sweet spirit and her purposeful service to all mankind, Nu Iota Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority presents the Robin Lynn Young Award to Soror Sonja W. Garcia.
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Soror Marsha Lewis Brown

This year’s recipient is a proven leader, an accomplished professional, gifted, caring, creative and hardworking soror according to her chapter. Soror Marsha Lewis Brown (right) is reliable, dependable, energetic and is always going above and beyond the call of duty to bring positive visibility to her community and the sorority.

Soror Marsha is a Silver Star and life member. She is very active on the local, regional and national levels of the sorority. In 1999, under her stellar leadership as the South Atlantic Region Conference Chair, Cluster II hosted one of the most memorable and fiscally successful regional conferences.

Because of her superb communication and organizational skills, Soror Marsha has coordinated three (3) Basilei Schools of Excellence as the South Atlantic Regional Leadership Team Chairman and provided support to each of the Stella J. Lett Undergraduate Leadership Institutes under Regional Director Sonja Garcia’s administration. As a member of the National Standards Committee she recently coordinated the Presenters and Facilitators luncheon and was one of the presenters of two workshops for the 2003 Leadership Seminar. She has served admirably and with distinction in every major office in Gamma Theta Omega from Basileus to Tamiouchos and currently chairs the Basilei Council. She has received the chapter’s highest award, Soror of the Year, the Basileus Meritorious Award, the Leadership Award and Soror in the Spotlight recognition.

Soror Marsha embodies all of the qualities and talents including enthusiasm, personality and accomplishment that Soror Robin exuded. It is with great pleasure and honor that Nu Iota Omega honor her.
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Soror Latha Murphy-Speed

To know her is to know that Jesus is the Center of her joy! However she is quick to let one know just how much her family means to her. She and her husband are the proud parents of three very successful adult children and four lovely grandchildren.

She is a joy to work with as a member and an officer of her chapter. Her willingness to share and serve inspires others to join in and take care of their chapter’s projects. She is knowledgeable and committed to national and chapter programs. She is a delightful, as well as an inspirational soror who supports her sorors and often attends functions where soror’s children are performing to give them encouragement also.

Soror Latha Murphy-Speed is one of the movers and shakers of Omicron Kappa Omega. She embodies the Spirit of Alpha Kappa Alpha. It is for this reason that she was chosen as the Year 2002 Recipient of the Robin Lynn Young Award.
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Jewel Byrd Warren

As an outstanding leader, everything she does hinges on her vision and winning attitude. To capture a vision fair, she sees the future leader within that person. She promotes and demonstrates sisterly relations by exemplifying and cultivating healthy spirituality by living the Christian life in response to the spirit and her relationship with God and others.

Serving admirably in various leadership levels in the community and in Alpha Kappa Alpha, Soror Jewel developed and implemented the highly successful Florida Disproportionate Minority Confinement (DMC) Initiative, a community based program designed to reduce the high level of contact between minority youth and the courts, which has been replicated in eleven (11) juvenile justice service areas in Florida. She formed a dream team of community leaders to address the issue of minority-over representation in Hillsborough County which has been presented on a national level in Lessons Learned.
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Manitia Moultrie

The year 2000 recipient, according to her chapter, energy is boundless. She’s worked closely with the youth program in their chapter. She has also served as Basileus of her chapter. She’s been instrumental in writing several grants that have been awarded to her chapter such that the chapter was able to develop it youth’s program to its full potential.

Soror Manitia’s grant writing skills have been recognized in her community so much so that she assisted her husband’s greek organization in writing and procuring a grant to develop a youth program for young boys that mirrors her own. Soror Manitia is affectionately known as the “Mother of the Gems”. Nu Iota Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, is very proud to have presented Soror Manitia Moultrie-Chapman of Zeta Upsilon Omega its Year 2000 Robin Lynn Young Spirit Award.
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