Robin Lynn Young Spirit Award 2003

Soror Marsha Lewis Brown

This year’s recipient is a proven leader, an accomplished professional, gifted, caring, creative and hardworking soror according to her chapter. Soror Marsha Lewis Brown (right) is reliable, dependable, energetic and is always going above and beyond the call of duty to bring positive visibility to her community and the sorority.

Soror Marsha is a Silver Star and life member. She is very active on the local, regional and national levels of the sorority. In 1999, under her stellar leadership as the South Atlantic Region Conference Chair, Cluster II hosted one of the most memorable and fiscally successful regional conferences.

Because of her superb communication and organizational skills, Soror Marsha has coordinated three (3) Basilei Schools of Excellence as the South Atlantic Regional Leadership Team Chairman and provided support to each of the Stella J. Lett Undergraduate Leadership Institutes under Regional Director Sonja Garcia’s administration. As a member of the National Standards Committee she recently coordinated the Presenters and Facilitators luncheon and was one of the presenters of two workshops for the 2003 Leadership Seminar. She has served admirably and with distinction in every major office in Gamma Theta Omega from Basileus to Tamiouchos and currently chairs the Basilei Council. She has received the chapter’s highest award, Soror of the Year, the Basileus Meritorious Award, the Leadership Award and Soror in the Spotlight recognition.

Soror Marsha embodies all of the qualities and talents including enthusiasm, personality and accomplishment that Soror Robin exuded. It is with great pleasure and honor that Nu Iota Omega honor her.