Robin Lynn Young Spirit Award 2012

Badge_ErinSoror Diana Quinn

Initiated in the Zeta Upsilon Undergraduate Chapter (USF), Dianna was nominated and accepted the office of President of the Undergraduate Chapter. Her talent enabled her to serve in that role until her graduation from USF with a BA in Communication.

After becoming a member of the Gamma Theta Omega Chapter, she continued her service on numerous committees including Budget/Finance, MTAT, Step Team, Nominating, and Technology. Prior to being elected as Chapter President, Dianna held several chapter offices including Financial Secretary, Assistant Treasurer and Treasurer. She is currently an Alpha Kappa Alpha Silver Star (25 year member) and Life Member. Dianna is also a Certified Graduate Advisor, Certified Financial Officer and serves on the South Atlantic Regional Program Committee. Also in Gamma Theta Omega Chapter, she is a member of the April Hostess Group, Capital Asset Program and Walk of Fame.

During Mrs. Quin’s spirited administration, Gamma Theta Omega Chapter grew its membership; provided leadership and mentoring to sorority members attending the University of Tampa and University of South Florida; and sponsored two youth groups, the Precious Pearls Youth Group and Emerging Young Leaders . All of this was done by fostering an environment of collaboration and building life-long sisterly relationships.

Over the past two years, the chapter partnered with local agencies such as Adonai’s Ministry, Metropolitan Ministries, American Cancer Society, The Spring, Sister’s Network, Inc. of Tampa Bay, Hillsborough Educational Foundation, Tampa Housing Authority, and Feeding America – Tampa Bay to promote community service and increase awareness of the needs of others. This fostered a win-win attitude for all of the organizations involved.

Under Mrs. Quin’s leadership, Gamma Theta Omega Chapter enhanced their community involvement by becoming the first African-American Greek-letter organization in Hillsborough County to form a partnership, via the Adopt – A –Precinct program with the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections, allowing chapter members to receive training and work in the polling precincts. Which furthered the initiative of the chapter’s CONNECTION Program.

Mrs. Quin’s chapter, Gamma Theta Omega of Tampa, Florida listed many, many more accolades for Soror Quin. It is because of her continued service to her community and her outstanding leadership that she was presented the Robin Lynn Young Spirit Award for 2012.