Robin Lynn Young Spirit Award 2006

rly_2006Soror Dawn Titus

October 21, 2006. This year’s recipient is a soror who is truly a lover of children, her community and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and not necessarily in that order. She serves on several non-profit Board of Directors. On one such organization she has convinced 60 married couples in her community to join together to help raise funds. In another community organization where she also serves as a board member she was successful at raising over $25,000.00 to support their programs. She also serves on the “Have a Heart” committee which has raised over $500,000.00 for children who’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

In her chapter she has been active for about two (2) years. In 2005 she served as the Public Relations Chair of the Ebony Fashion Fair. She marketed the idea of a Pre-Show Gala. Guests could meet and greet the models prior to the fashion show and enjoy a limo ride from the gala to the show. The show was a sell-out with proceeds of $30,000.00. She is so good at what she does, that she chaired the committee again this year. The show again was a total success and sell-out.