Robin Lynn Young Spirit Award 2002

rly_2002Soror Latha Murphy-Speed

To know her is to know that Jesus is the Center of her joy! However she is quick to let one know just how much her family means to her. She and her husband are the proud parents of three very successful adult children and four lovely grandchildren.

She is a joy to work with as a member and an officer of her chapter. Her willingness to share and serve inspires others to join in and take care of their chapter’s projects. She is knowledgeable and committed to national and chapter programs. She is a delightful, as well as an inspirational soror who supports her sorors and often attends functions where soror’s children are performing to give them encouragement also.

Soror Latha Murphy-Speed is one of the movers and shakers of Omicron Kappa Omega. She embodies the Spirit of Alpha Kappa Alpha. It is for this reason that she was chosen as the Year 2002 Recipient of the Robin Lynn Young Award.