Robyn Lynn Young Spirit Award

“To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die.” – Joseph Campbell

In memory of Robin Lynn Young


November 17, 1965 – July 3, 1999

The Robin Lynn Young Spirit Award is dedicated in remembrance of Robin Lynn Young. Robin was a dedicated and loyal member of Nu Iota Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.® She exemplified all the characteristics of a true Alpha Kappa Alpha woman. She had an enormous spirit. Her spirit was so illuminating and real; she inspired everyone she touched. She was a tremendous leader with vision and a sense of value. Robin modeled and promoted sisterly relations with vigor. She was creative, talented, committed to community service and possessed a win-win attitude.

Nu Iota Omega has vowed to continue the legacy that Robin left behind. We will spread her love and model her dedication to be of service to all mankind. We will take her drive and demeanor to fulfill our dreams, while making this world a better place one butterfly at a time.

Every chapter in Cluster II has someone who exudes these very special qualities and Nu Iota Omega acknowledges that special “Soror” each year during the Cluster II Conference.

Spirit Award Criteria
Prior to each Cluster II Conference, Nu Iota Omega sends notification to each chapter to submit an eligible candidate for the Robin Lynn Young Spirit Award. The criteria are as follows:
• Have outstanding leadership qualities
• Be reliable and dependable
• Have real vision and a sense of value
• Promote and demonstrate sisterly relations
• Exemplify and cultivate a spiritual sight
• Be involved in and committed to other civic organizations
• Be creative and talented
• Display a winning attitude
• Be an effective communicator
• Go above and beyond the call of duty